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How to choose a best yoga mat material that best fit yourself

  • 2021-05-14 11:31:52

Not all yoga mats are created equal. Some are more environmentally friendly; others are more durable. When searching for the perfect yoga mat, you have to weigh the benefits and disadvantages of the many types available.

As everyone knows, there are several common yoga mats on the market, including PU/Cork/Suede/TPE/PVC and so on. Let’s get to learn the difference of yoga mat materials.


Natural rubber mats are made sustainably with natural rubber tapped from rubber trees, a renewable resource and unlike other mats contains EVA or other synthetic rubber. In a sense, natural rubber mat is everything a yogi want in a yoga mat – eco-friendly, incredible grip and great comfort. This mat also has antimicrobial properties that help keep it clean.


Natural rubber mats are crafted of natural rubber — a fully sustainable and easily renewable source. Extracted from rubber trees, these mats are durable, but they’re also heavy and take a long time to dry out if they get wet. Rubber is comfortable on the body, however, and makes the perfect surface on which to perform yoga. If you’re someone who’s allergic to latex, however, there might be a slight chance that rubber could cause an allergic reaction.


1. PU yoga mat

Pu in the natural rubber Pu yoga mat meaning is polyurethane material. This material is an excellent material for making mats. It is non-toxic, tasteless, and non-slip, not easy to rot, there is an environment-friendly material.


2. Cork Yoga Mat

Cork is a natural material made from the cortex of the oak tree. It is a renewable resource that doesn’t damage the trees during its harvesting.

Cork yoga mats tend to have one side made of cork and the other from natural rubber to make them non-slippery on the floor surface. The bottom layer is Natural rubber material.


3. Suede yoga mat

Suede yoga mats are eco-friendly, anti slip, absorbent, durable, elastic, soft, comfotable and tear resistance, and are good for body exercise. Suede surfaces are the equivalent of the long grass in the yoga mat world - they have a soft feel, but the micro-fibres create a texture that produces the best performance for sweaty hands and feet.


4. TPE Yoga Mat

TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers) yoga mats are made of polymers, a type of plastic with thermic and elastic properties. TPE materials can be easily moulded, extruded and reused. However, they are not recyclable.

TPE doesn’t require reinforcing agents, stabilizers or even cure systems making it less reactive and polluting than PVC. So a better alternative to PVC.

Disadvantages to TPE include the fact that while it contains no PVC or latex, it’s still manufactured using heat and chemical processes. It’s also still a synthetic product. TPE is often used in yoga mats that combine materials. It may serve as the bottom layer of a mat that’s crafted mainly from cork or cotton fabric, for instance. And mats made from TPE are typically quite affordable. TPE mats are easy to clean and care for as well, simply spray with an organic cleaner and wipe dry.


5. PVC Yoga Mat

PVC yoga mat is made of PVC resin powder. PVC mats are usually produced with low quality for the lowest cost.

However, yoga mats made from PVC have several advantages if the PVC material is high density and high quality. They score high on comfort and functionality, but at the same time, they’re deceptively easy to clean. Additionally, they hold up exceptionally well.


In conclusion, there is a wide range of yoga mat materials available. You can take your pick to suit your preferences and values. Choosing an eco-friendly yoga mat benefits your health and the environment.

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