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  • What is a yoga mat?
    • June 15, 2022

    A yoga mat is a mat specially made for practicing yoga. It provides a non-slip and cushioned surface that makes it easier to perform yoga asanas safely and comfortably. However, yoga mats were far from popular 50 years ago. Yoga was first practiced on grass, then on the skin of animals such as deer or tigers. Animal hide offers some protection for sensitive skin and provides more cushioning and st...

  • Why do yoga practitioners love to use a yoga mat?
    • June 15, 2022

    You don't need a yoga mat to practice yoga asanas. So why are yoga mats so popular now? This is not only because of the functional advantages of yoga mats, but also because many yogis have discovered symbols associated with them. Let's find out. 1. Yoga mats help us perform yoga asanas more comfortably. Yoga mats are designed to perform asanas and various fitness exercises comfortably and safely. ...

  • Approaches to stay healthy while on a trip
    • February 21, 2022

    Do you enjoy exercising and have a strategy in place? For many, travel takes us away from our health plans when it comes to exercise and diet. But when you put your health first when traveling. Here are some simple ways to stay healthy on the go. 1. Keep Bacteria Away Travel usually means that you leave the original normal environment and go to places with many people, which also means that there ...

  • How do yoga mats avoid bacteria?
    • February 16, 2022

    Potential bacteria are always present where we exercise, but we don't want to pay too close attention. As an avid yoga lover, I feel I need to pay attention to what it takes to exercise in public. If you've ever taken a yoga class or taken a class in a sauna, you'll find yourself sweating a lot within an hour. As exciting as the classes themselves are, these workouts are rewarding. But our yoga ma...

  • Additional Uses for Yoga Equipment in Schools
    • January 27, 2022

    Everyone knows that yoga equipment is mainly used to do yoga. So besides yoga, can we apply it to other fields? Here, we'll dive into another alternative use for your yoga equipment, at school! Creativeness Young children want to draw. I'm pretty sure all parents and teachers know this, but when you give a kid a marker, they'll draw anywhere, especially where they shouldn't. Many schools will purc...

  • How to choose a best yoga mat material that best fit yourself
    • May 14, 2021

    Not all yoga mats are created equal. Some are more environmentally friendly; others are more durable. When searching for the perfect yoga mat, you have to weigh the benefits and disadvantages of the many types available. As everyone knows, there are several common yoga mats on the market, including PU/Cork/Suede/TPE/PVC and so on. Let’s get to learn the difference of yoga mat materials.   Nat...

  • Best natural eco-friendly cork yoga mat
    • May 11, 2021

    Are you looking for the best yoga mat on the market? I know of course I am. Like many yoga beginners, I have been trying to find a perfect mat that has a strong grip and is environmentally friendly. I really don’t like using plastic pads because they smell bad for the environment. Today, I would like to introduce the eco-friendly yoga mats and accessories of Second Page. The yoga accessories of se...

  • Secondpage luxury suede yoga mat
    • May 06, 2021

    The Secondpage suede yoga mat invites you to observe your barefoot walking in a quiet botanical garden on a fresh morning. This stylish cushion is carefully designed to help you find your own space and remember your true nature. Its soft suede surface layer, delicate touch and rubber tree bottom can be stable on any surface. The high performance created by the soft top layer, the more you sweat, t...

  • Find the perfect yoga mat for your needs
    • April 28, 2021

    When we start practicing, we need to buy two things: the best yoga pants and the best yoga mat. Yoga pants are easy. You can easily find suitable yoga pants and try them on. However, there are many types of yoga mats, and from the perspective of safe germs, you should not try yoga mats. So we have to understand what yoga mat is most suitable for our contact according to our needs. Restorative yogi...

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