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  • Benefits of yoga practice
    Benefits of yoga practice
    • May 03, 2020

    The original meaning of yoga is integration and include self-actualization. There are some benefits of yoga practice. 1.To adjust physiology to get balance Yoga stress that body is a big system which is made up of some parts. Only by keeping every part in good state can make healthy body. Yoga can adjust physiology function of every part to get strong body by body posture and breath regulation. 2.To remove nervousness and calm heart Yoga can adjust nervous system to remove nervousness by breath, sitting etc. 3.To cultivate spirit and character Yoga advocates a healthy life attitude to get rid of some bad habits such as smoking and drinking. It makes you self-confidence by continuously surpass yourself. 4.To especially treat some symptoms Yoga is good in treating some symptoms such as losing weight, insomnia, anxiety and arthritis. In all,professional yoga mats factory can supply the best natural yoga mat,they can make you happy,healthy.

  • Utilization and maintenance of natural rubber yoga mats
    Utilization and maintenance of natural rubber yoga mats
    • Feb 24, 2017

    1.How about the utilization life of natural rubber yoga mats Natural rubber can decompose in natural environment. Natural yoga mats can keep good state for 5 years when they are stored in cool and dry condition without opened. But their service life is effected by various factors such as way of utilization, frequency of utilization and way of conservation. 2. Do the colors of yoga mats fade in the sun? Sun light, air and water can make natural rubber decompose and aging. So it is suggested that air drying be used instead of sun drying and conservation in cool and dry indoor instead of outdoor. 3.  Are there any methods to eliminate strong flavor of yoga mats? There are some methods of suggestion: a. Flat placement for a week can remove much of the flavor. b. Vinegar can be added in water when yoga mats are cleaned. c. Soft essence with flavor of soap can be coated on the air hole of cutting edge to reduce the flavor. 4. How to maintain natural rubber yoga mats? a.Wash cleaning is not suggested because open air hole structure can absorb water for long time which accelerates the damage of yoga mats. Instead, Vinegar can be added in water to clean yoga mats. The proportion of can be 1:20. b. Yoga mats should be stored in poly bags to keep apart the air after air drying if they are not used for long time. Because natural rubber can be early aging or oxidation when it contact sun, air or water. c. Yoga mats should be used usually to keep good physical property because they are easily aging if they are placed for long time.

  • Which is better, PU yoga mat or TPE yoga mat?
    Which is better, PU yoga mat or TPE yoga mat?
    • Aug 21, 2019

    Recently many yoga learners asked that which is better between PU yoga mat or TPE yoga mat? Today I tell some differences between PU yoga mat and TPE yoga mat to let most people get more understanding. Comparison of material PU yoga mat is integrated by natural rubber foam and pu leather. And it can be printed on customers’ design and logo after process. So this type of yoga mat is made up of two parts: natural rubber foam and pu leather. And they both comply with environmental standards of Europe and America. TPE yoga mat is integrated by tpe foam with glue after process. So it is made up of two parts: tpe and glue. And they often have some environmental problems. Comparison of price The unit price of pu yoga mat is much higher than tpe yoga mat. Comparison of performance TPE yoga mat is lighter than pu yoga mat. And other performance is less than pu yoga mat. It is important for yoga exercise with safety and comfort. And pu yoga mat is recommended by experts and pu yoga mats are popular among customers.

  • How to Clean The Yoga Mat in the Summer
    How to Clean The Yoga Mat in the Summer
    • Aug 21, 2019

    In the yoga exercise, the body will be close to the yoga mat, especially in the summer, the human body sweat, grease and even clothing on the dirt, are likely to stay on the yoga mat. If you do not pay attention to the hygiene and cleaning of the mat, the dirty mat not only affects the mood of exercise, but also may have some infection and other hazards. From the point of view of health, the better practice is to try to "one person a pad", not cross-use. Before and after the use of yoga mats, it is best to use a damp wash cloth to clean it. If there aremore sweaton the pad , you should be clean the mat and wait the yoga mat surface dry and then rewinding the mat. If you need to clean the yoga mat, do not use the brush, so as to avoid the surface of the mat broken.

  • New Beautiful Yoga Mat
    New Beautiful Yoga Mat
    • Aug 21, 2019

    Today introducing three kinds of popular yoga mats for you. Whatever you like yoga sports, don't miss those beautiful yoga mats. NO.1 the red pattern yoga mat The flowery pattern,full of vigor. NO.2 the light color pattern yoga mat Pure and fresh style NO.3 the retrostyle yoga mat Elegant for yoga exercise

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